Front Lawn performed at Cafe Racer

Front Lawn

Friends, Fuckups, and Fun

Last night was my first show at Cafe Racer, and I was nervous as hell!

But I made it through and even got the crowd singing along a bit with my song “Raise Up Your Glass”. Who knew repeating drunken lyrics over and over again gets people to join in? (Hint: The Irish knew. Lookin’ at you Clancy Brothers.)

I got nervous and fucked up some songs and forgot some lyrics, but I was lucky to have good friends to encourage me to keep going. If you’re reading this, I love you and thank you!

Then, Sweet Lou’s Sour Mash got up and killed it. They even put on a light show.

Though the funniest part of their set, during a country-ho-down-banjo jam, is when my friend Chris (who is black) said “I smell burning….like a cross. I’m outta here.” I fucking lost it. (Love ya, Chris!)

The show ended with me back on stage with my old, punk band THE THEM doing an acoustic set. This is the first time we dressed up and looked nice on stage. Usually we’re half naked and covered in fake blood and sweat and beer.

We were joined by the ever beautiful and talented Sarah Shay on washboard. I think she’s our 10th drummer at this point!

If you liked Sarah’s washboarding, check out her band The Mongrel Jews. They are a great band to catch live!

(Here’s another member of The Mongrel Jews hanging out at the show!)

And, hilariously, we did an acoustic cover of Judas Priest’s “Breaking The Law”. Last minute cover songs rock! Haha!

THE THEM at Cafe Racer

Then I got to hang out with Gwen and Steve, a beautiful couple, while we chatted about Crescent Lake where you can see to the bottom of it, it’s so clear.

Hung out with Devin who has introduced me to a comic book series called “The Manhattan Project”. A gun wielding Albert Einstein from an alternative universe? Oh, hell yeah, I’m going to check that out and get my geek on.

The ever lovely and majestic Kai was there. Despite his hectic schedule with a million bands he drums for, he made it out to see my first solo gig and provide some great conversation about the music industry. (Sorry I had to interrupt you to load out my equipment, man!)

And my best friend, Chris (mentioned earlier), was there with his fantabulous girlfriend Amelie. That made my night to see them make it just in time before I went on stage. Thanks for making it!

Then there was Sherry who took me back many a moon to remember a wild “7 Deadly Sins” party we went to. The party was a bit wild, especially the “Lust” room. There was a bucket of lube and a giant bowl of condoms….that got used. ‘Nuff said.

The always amazing Tiki was there. Thank you for putting up with the worst dead hooker joke I know!

After the night was over at Cafe Racer, I went back to Sweet Lou’s Sour Mash’s place and played music and drank until 6am. What a great way to end the night!

And last, but not least, thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Julie. She was forced to listen to me write all my music from scratch and rehearse it multiple times…every night.

Thank you for being patient with my noise making and supporting me, my love. Unfortunately, this is only the beginning of the noise makings…

Jackson's Oddities first show